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Southern Region Age-group Foil, British Youth Championship Qualifiers,January 2019. Joss Holden qualified in U16's. Archie Hall qualified in U14's. Excellent results!
BYC's at National Institute of Sport, Sheffield on 4th, 5th and 6th May.

BB&O Age-group Foil, October 2018. Dough Adlam won Bronze in U14's boys. Archie Hall won Gold in U14's boys. Well done to both!!

** Fencing Flashmob Day 2018 - Youtube Link: Fencing Mob 2018 - Dynamic Duelists in The Anger Games ** And this one is for charity, so please watch and, if we make you smile, please donate.

BB&O Fencing Picnic, June 2018. Tara Hopson was awarded the James Ballantyne Trophy for the sportsmanlike conduct she displayed throughout the day. From beginning to end Tara was usually to be found with a small group of younger children in tow. She explained anything and everything to them, including holding the foil safely, plugging in to the box, the rules of foil, the finer points of refereeing, and even the need to keep hydrated during a competition. Well done Tara. You are a truly fantastic ambassador for our club.

Congratulations to BB&O Foil Rally Medalists Will Molloy, Joss Holden and Ben ‘The Tall’ Molloy

BB&O CFU age-group Foil 2017 results:

U16's Boys Bronze medal winner Ben Malloy

'The Others'

L to R; Michael Barber U14 Boys Second place, Doug Adlam U14 Boys bronze medal, Bradley Davis Mens Bronze medal, Millie O'Donnell U18 Girls Bronze medal, Tara Hopson U18 Girls Winner

'What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?...' The return of the dynamic duo - lists. 10th September 2017 - Fencing Flashmob day.

And here is the link to the youTube video: #FencingMob17 - Dynamic Duo Windsor Castle UK

Intermediate and Competition Fencers Session April 2017

Ben 'the tall' Molloy proudly wearing his bronze medal, won with teammate Allegra at the BB&O Foil Picnic 2017

Metro-land Fencers new Fencing Coach

The 'Metro-land Massive'

The 'Metro-land Massive'?!

BB&O CFU Age group Foil Results 2016

Under 12 Boys Winner Michael Barber (centre), with runner up Archie Hall (left) and club mate Doug Adlam

Under 14 Boys Bronze medalist Joss Holden

Under 16 Girls Silver medalist Lily-Mae Rolls

Under 18 Gilrs Silver medal winner Imogen Fitzpatrick

Under 18 Girls Bronze medal winner Tara Hopson

Mens winner Aedan Gilchrist

BB&O CFU Age group Foil Results October 2015

Tara Hopson won bronze in the Under 16's Girls Foil

Roshan Hindocha won bronze in the Under 18's Boys Foil

6th September 2015 - To promote fencing worldwide, once again the Italian Fencing Federation asked fencers to stage fencing flashmobs around the world. The theme this year was our county's national heritage. After numerous requests to stately homes and sports venues being turned down, we went for.....Well, to view, just click on the link:

October 2014 - Three Wycombe Cygnet fencers entered the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire County Fencing Agegroup Fencing competition. And all three won a medal in their particular age group!
U16 Boys - Roshan Hindocha won bronze
U16 Girls - TaraHopson won silver
U14 Girls - Olivia Scarles won Gold

7th September 2014 - To promote fencing worldwide, the Italian Fencing Federation encouraged fencers, fencing clubs and schools worldwide to stage a fencing flashmob in our local village/town etc. Unfortunately, the law being as it is in England, random people waving swords around in our local shopping centre, didn't go down well with the powers that be. So Jenny Douglas and I popped along to Downly Common for a quick duelling session instead. Our Thanks to Seth Blackmore for 'refereeing'. To see the results just click on the link:

IAPS Fencing Championships 2014

Olivia Scarles, pictured here with her trophy, was placed second in the Under 11 Girls' foil. This was Olivia's first IAPS Fencing Championship and so even more of a great result. Well done Olivia!

May 2014:

Olivia Scarles was placed 27th in the British Youth Championships Under 12th Girls Foil event.Olivia is shown here with her silver medal that she won back in January in the Southern Region Age Group Foil competition, in which she qualified to represent the region at The BYC's.